On 11/24/06, John Birrell wrote:
> Currently 'make -j' reports an error if the number of jobs
> isn't specified.
> I'd like to change make(1) to treat -j (without a number) as
> meaning "set the number of jobs to the number of processors".
> On sun4v, each processor isn't too powerful and system performance
> is only decent when you use all the processors - 32 in my case.
> I've been working on a parallel 'make release' process which
> would benefit from having -j set by default. At the moment I
> set MAKEFLAGS=j32 in my environment and this achieves the desired
> result, but -j would be more general.
> Thoughts?

Sounds very nice. It wouldn't make much difference to
me, but (number of cpu's + 1) seems like a good value,
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