On Thu, 05 Oct 2006 14:54:39 +0100
Mark Murray wrote:

> Robert Watson writes:
> >
> > Yarrow is an older PRNG algorithm, and Fortuna is (as I understand
> > it) generally considered its successor. Mark Murray (CC'd), who
> > implemented our current /dev/random and Yarrow code, has been working
> > on a Fortuna implementation for FreeBSD.


> Indeed. Fortuna is also looking like it is going to be a significant
> resource hog WRT memory, particularly on small/embedded devices.

Apart from the higher memory usage which can hurt modest devices, what are
the CPU requirements? Proportional (higher?) from SHA-1 to SHA-256?

When the patches are ready, I can test under RELENG_6 and also under a
low-end CURRENT box, if its hard-drive doesn't explode soon.


Ricardo Nabinger Sanchez
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