Robert Watson writes:
> On Wed, 4 Oct 2006, Ricardo Nabinger Sanchez wrote:
> > Snooping around Wikipedia, I got curious about if it'd worth the
> > effort going from Yarrow [1] to Fortuna [2] algorithm, as the
> > authors (seems to) claim that the latter is better/more secure.
> >
> > As someone (me) who knows very little on how to effectively
> > compromise a PRNG, what are the tradeoffs? Yarrow is simpler/faster
> > than Fortuna?

> Yarrow is an older PRNG algorithm, and Fortuna is (as I understand
> it) generally considered its successor. Mark Murray (CC'd), who
> implemented our current /dev/random and Yarrow code, has been working
> on a Fortuna implementation for FreeBSD.

Indeed. Fortuna is also looking like it is going to be a significant
resource hog WRT memory, particularly on small/embedded devices.

I'm stalled right now (exam mode for two weeks) but its top of my TODO
list to get Fortuna off my chest once I'm done.

I think I'm going to need a hand with the kernel bits; I keep running
into problems I can't think of decent questions for.

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