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On Thursday, 31 August 2006 at 14:14:26 +0200, Ulf Lilleengen wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been working this summer to improve gvinum, and add features from old vinum
> into the geom version of vinum. Lukas Ertl have done a fantastic amount of work
> on it (and Chris Jones) since it started, but it's not complete. So far, I've
> completed many of the missing commands such as attach/detach, setstate stop, and
> other commands (The manpage lists most of them). I've also implemented basic
> functionality of drivegroups, which provides grouping of drives with the same
> configuration, and sort of acts as a drivepool that abstract drives further, and
> it can simplify volume management for larger systems.

This all sounds very good.

> However, although many of these features maybe needs more testing,
> some of them also belongs in HEAD, but since I am not a committer, I
> need someone to help me get these changes into the tree. The reason
> for this is largely that le@ has not been visible for a couple of
> months, so the one person actually maintaining gvinum is not
> available. So therefore I ask for someone else to help me with this.

OK, I'll do what I can. We can take this offline, I think.

> My first set of patches are available in PR 99183, 99186 and more is
> coming from the perforce repository as soon as I'm able to split
> them up.

The web site is currently so broken that I don't use it. Also,
freefall has just been rebooted, and for some reason Emacs is missing,
so I can't look at the files there either. Could you send me the
patches, please?

See complete headers for address and phone numbers.

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