Craig Rodrigues wrote:

> On Sat, Jul 08, 2006 at 05:37:26PM +0200, Dag-Erling Smrgrav wrote:
>>What about cases where there may be several matching file systems?
>>For instance, a clean ext3 file system is also a valid ext2 file
>>system (and vice versa).

> Currently, FreeBSD can only mount ext2 with mount -t ext2fs.
> A better example would probably be udf and cd9660 filesystems.
> Right now the logic is to iterate over the list of known local
> filesystems (always starting with "ufs"), skipping over "synthetic"
> and "network" filesystems,
> i.e. similar to the list produced by lsvfs:
> Filesystem Refs Flags
> -------------------------------- ----- ---------------
> ufs 8
> reiserfs 0 read-only
> nfs4 0 network
> ext2fs 0
> ntfs 0
> cd9660 0 read-only
> procfs 1 synthetic
> msdosfs 0
> xfs 0
> devfs 1 synthetic
> nfs 0 network
> The first matching filesystem wins....not perfect, but
> maybe good enough for a lot of cases.
> mount -t always works if you want to specify the fstype.

Where is udf in the list? Btw, it's not that udf and cd9660 are
compatible, they aren't by any means. It's that the can co-exist on
the same media, and often times a UDF filesystem has cd9660 structures
available for compatibility. If you added udf to your list above with a
higher priority than cd9660, everything should 'just work', and you'd
still be able to override it manually.


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