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On Wed, 28 Jun 2006, Alex Lyashkov wrote:

AL>=F7 =F7=D4=D2, 27.06.2006, =D7 22:58, M. Warner Losh =D0=C9=DB=C5=D4:
AL>> NetBSD recently added SET, CLR, ISSET to sys/types.h (only if _KERNEL
AL>> is defined). I'd like to do something similar in FreeBSD. I see no
AL>> reason to needless deviate from NetBSD here. One could make an
AL>> argument for lots of different files, but at the end of the day does
AL>> it really matter enough to justify having it be different than NetBSD?
AL>> Here's my proposed diff, inline, for your consideration:
AL>> NOTE: That /* !_KERNEL */ should have the '!' removed, but I didn't
AL>> want to confuse things by doing that too.
AL>> Comments?
AL>> Warner
AL>> _______________________________________________
AL>Who not create abstract framework for work with bitmask more then 64bits
AL>similar this:
AL>#define_bitmask(name,size)=09char name[(size/8)+1];
AL>#define set_bit(bimask,no)=09{ bitmask[(no/8)] |=3D 1<<(no%8); }
AL>#define clr_bit(bitmask,no)=09=09{ bitmask[(no/8)] &=3D ~(1<<(no%8)); }
AL>static inline isset_bit(char *bitmask, no) {
AL>=09return bitmask[(no/8)] & 1<<(no%8);

You mean bitstring(3)?

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