At 6:43 PM +0000 6/27/06, Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
>I don't think we should allow names that are not "under
>control", and by not "under control" I mean device names
>which the device driver writer doesn't control or at the
>very least sanitize.
>For instance, if you want to create names that match random
>strings, like the tape labels in your robot, the sensible
>and security concious device driver writer makes sure the
>names have a unique prefix:
> /dev/tape/$label
>or similar, so that devfs(8) rules can be written in a
>surefire way.

This strikes me as a worthwhile idea. Leave the device-
entries in /dev as they are now, but then create some
sub-directories which would hold the more arbitrary (or
"non-sanitized") names.
or /dev/info/geom/whatever

etc. That way there's only one new entry in /dev, and
people could just de-permit that directory (or turn the
feature off) if they didn't want or need to have that
extra info available.

Garance Alistair Drosehn =
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