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On Saturday 24 September 2005 21:22, Peter Jeremy wrote:
> On Sat, 2005-Sep-24 15:25:06 +0200, Max Laier wrote:
> >for some time now, we have three bridge implementations in the tree:
> > - net/bridge.c - the "old" bridge
> > - net/if_bridge.c - the "new" bridge from Net/OpenBSD
> > - netgraph/ng_bridge.c - the netgraph version [1]
> >
> >The new code has several advantages over the old version:
> > - Spanning Tree Protocol (802.1D)
> > - better firewall support (IPv6, stateful filtering, ...)
> > - easy ifconfig(8) configuration

> Since I've recently needed it, neither bridge.c nor if_bridge.c allow
> you to bridge VLAN trunks (you can bridge individual VLANs but that
> becomes unwieldly when you have dozens of VLANs). I have code to do
> this in bridge.c.

Not sure what you mean, but I am sure Andrew Thompson is willing to help=20
converting your code to if_bridge if asked. BTW, forgot about one big plus=
for if_bridge: It is the one true bridge implementation in Net/OpenBSD so=20
there is a lot of additional "developer power" behind it. Of course one=20
could argue that code monoculture is a bad thing ... I like to believe=20
otherwise, however.

> >and would have to do it twice, for example) I would like to retire the o=

> >bridge code soon. This should happen in HEAD only and thus the old brid=

> >will stay for all of FreeBSD 6 unless more aggressive depreciation is
> >requested.

> Since if_bridge.c does not exist in FreeBSD 5, and there has not
> previously been any suggestion that bridge.c is deprecated, I would
> object to the removal of bridge.c from FreeBSD 6 since this would
> violate the standard deprecation cycle.

No idea what the standard deprecation cycle is, but no problem. I just wan=
it out of HEAD to be able to move forward with other projects more easily,=
such as what Andre is going to do.

> >Please test the new alternative if you are using the old one still.

> Has anyone looked at how difficult it would be to get if_bridge.c to
> work in 5.x?

See http://people.freebsd.org/~thompsa/ for patches.

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