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for some time now, we have three bridge implementations in the tree:
- net/bridge.c - the "old" bridge
- net/if_bridge.c - the "new" bridge from Net/OpenBSD
- netgraph/ng_bridge.c - the netgraph version [1]

The new code has several advantages over the old version:
- Spanning Tree Protocol (802.1D)
- better firewall support (IPv6, stateful filtering, ...)
- easy ifconfig(8) configuration

while keeping all the functionality that was present in the old code:
- dummynet support
- IPFW L2 support [2]

There have been some benchmarks that suggest that there isn't a performance=
issue either, but more numbers are always appreciated. If it turns out tha=
there is any remaining problem with if_bridge we need to fix it. If you ar=
running an old bridge on 6.0-BETA try moving to the new code and let us kno=

This means the old code is obsolete. In order to keep code duplication dow=
and not hinder further development (Andre is working on an overhaul of [2]=
and would have to do it twice, for example) I would like to retire the old=
bridge code soon. This should happen in HEAD only and thus the old bridge=
will stay for all of FreeBSD 6 unless more aggressive depreciation is=20

Please test the new alternative if you are using the old one still. Let us=
know if there are any issues remaining.

Objections against soon retirement of bridge.c in HEAD?

[1] listed for completeness only.

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