On Fri, 06 May 2005 14:20:22 -0500
"Fafa Hafiz Krantz" wrote:

> Hello Mr. Nelson and Mr. Losh!
> > It's easy enough to change the format string in
> > subr_bus.c:device_print_prettyname() to pad out the devicename.

> I am not qualified to do this. I wish I were.
> How about you guys?
> > However, you may prefer to just put up a splash screen (see the
> > splash manpage), so the user doesn't even see the kernel messages
> > at all.

> We can't just forget about it and pray for it to go away.
> This is an aesthetic violation to FreeBSD's professional image,
> that is considered to be more important now than ever.
> Now that we have logo and website design competitions going to
> completely revamp of the FreeBSD of the 70s, perhaps it's also time
> to update the ASCII design of this system?

I personally find the old methode a lot easier to read, compared to
the new one. If a change is wanted, why not make such a thing like
this a kernel option?

> > Many of his suggestions are subtle changes to the probe messages
> > in addition to the format string.
> >
> > Warner

> Indeed they are subtle.
> But it's more like removing zits. With laser or whatever.

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