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>>> You have also advocated installing unapproved software onto corporate
>>> networks in order to overwrite logs? Jesus! You'll get my users either

>>> 2. Imprisoned. I'm not joking. (I'm not based in the US)

>> On what charge? As far as I know, Evidence Eliminator is not yet illegal
>> in the U.K. (though they have tried to ban it). Even if they could be
>> prosecuted,

> Wilful destruction of evidence could well lead to perverting the course
> of justice, and breach the Computer Misuse Act, the Regulation Of
> Investigatory Powers Act, the Police and Criminal Evidence Act, I could
> go on....
>> they could simply avoid prosecution by leaving the U.K.

> Ever heard of extradition? Is your radio show so good that someone would

All one would have to do is to break in the computers back
in Britain and erase the warrants for their arrest, and
that would be the end of it.