I have recently set up a SonicPoint to add wireless access to our
network. Our firewall is a Sonicwall Pro 2040 with Enhanced OS.

This is generally working pretty well, apart from one thing.

I have set up VPN access for authorized users, and Guest Services for
guest users. These both work. However, after a user has been
authenticated with the VPN, if they try to access an internet site
(outside of the LAN), they are still redirected to the logon page for
Guest Services, and have to log on with guest credentials to get to
the internet.

This does not seem right to me. If a user has authenticated as a
trusted VPN user, it seems like they should also have access to the
(less secure) internet resources, without having to sign in again as a
guest. I have been working this with Sonicwall Support but so far they
are telling me this is the way it has got to work.

Does anyone know how to get it set up the way I want? I feel like
there must be a simple setting I have got wrong somewhere.

Thanks very much