Norton! What a pain in the butt!!!

I've just spent a few days trying to do something really simple, and
I'm furious!!!!

I took some pictures on the weekend, and downloaded Web Picture
Creator 1.8.
Let's put them on my new domain I thought. Yeah right.

Web Picture Creator 1.8 worked easily enough. After I cleared out
some space.
(turned that my hard drive was bad, and that wasted enough hours!)

Then I uploaded everything to my domain. The web page loaded.
But I can't see the pictures.

I call the ISP. They can see the pictures. Hmm!

The Norton logs say:

Content Blocked:

Date Time: 4/3/2007 2:38:55 PM
Action: Blocked
Type: Ad
URL: http://www.?domain?.com/?directory?/index.html
Data: IMG src="thumbnails/thumb_DSC_0973.JPG" (Reason: width=120

I call Norton and finally get someone in India.

Turn off ad blocking, and popup blocking. It works.
So, Norton is the culprit.

Norton Internet Security
Status and settings,
Privacy control
Ad blocking

Spend about 2 hours with Norton on the phone.
The guy's solution: reinstall!

I say No way. Send the expert.

Eventually get a call back later from Symantec. The brains this

We install TeamView. From:
It allows him to see my machine.

He checks the webpage at:

Below are the results of attempting to parse this document with an
SGML parser.

Error Line 15 column 162: required attribute "ALT" not specified.
....DSC_0961.JPG" width="120" height="80">