I have the CHX-I firewall (actually a really powerful packet filter)
installed on my Windows 2000 system. It lets you configure some
fairly low-level settings, like limiting the number of half-open
connections from a single host, and activating SYN flood protection if
the number of half-open connections reaches a certain value.

I'm also looking at applying the security templates included with the
Windows 2000 Hardening Guide (available from Microsoft). I notice
that these templates change some registry settings, many of which are
under HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Param eters. Some
of these have to do with SYN attack protection and half-open
connections, which are some of the things that CHX lets you configure.

I wonder if I were to apply the security templates, would that affect
the operation of CHX-I at all? Does CHX-I depend on the registry
settings that the security templates modify, or does CHX-I not care
about those?