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On Mon, 22 Jan 2007 in the Usenet newsgroup comp.os.linux.security, in article
, and in the Usenet newsgroup
comp.security.firewalls, in article, Loki wrote:

>I'm looking for network intrusion detection system to connect with
>iptables under RedHat 9.0

I guess you missed the announcement back in July 2003 that Red Hat would
not be supporting RedHat 9 (there never was a "9.0" - cat /etc/*release)
after 30 April 2004. You probably also missed the announcement on
www.fedoralegacy.com that the extremely limited support they had been
providing has ended. If you look at download.fedoralegacy.org you would
find that there has been nothing since the end of July - six months ago:

[compton ~]$ grep -- '-200[67] ' 9-legacy.01.23.07 | awk '{ print $4 }' |
grep -v : | cut -d'-' -f2,3 | sort | uniq -c | column
10 Apr-2006 9 Jan-2006 44 Mar-2006
81 Feb-2006 13 Jul-2006 12 May-2006
[compton ~]$ grep Jul-2006 9-legacy.01.23.07 | awk '{ print $4,$3}'
05-Jul-2006 php-4.2.2-17.21.legacy.i386.rpm
05-Jul-2006 php-devel-4.2.2-17.21.legacy.i386.rpm
05-Jul-2006 php-imap-4.2.2-17.21.legacy.i386.rpm
05-Jul-2006 php-ldap-4.2.2-17.21.legacy.i386.rpm
05-Jul-2006 php-manual-4.2.2-17.21.legacy.i386.rpm
05-Jul-2006 php-mysql-4.2.2-17.21.legacy.i386.rpm
05-Jul-2006 php-odbc-4.2.2-17.21.legacy.i386.rpm
05-Jul-2006 php-pgsql-4.2.2-17.21.legacy.i386.rpm
05-Jul-2006 php-snmp-4.2.2-17.21.legacy.i386.rpm
27-Jul-2006 sendmail-8.12.11-4.24.4.legacy.i386.rpm
27-Jul-2006 sendmail-cf-8.12.11-4.24.4.legacy.i386.rpm
27-Jul-2006 sendmail-devel-8.12.11-4.24.4.legacy.i386.rpm
27-Jul-2006 sendmail-doc-8.12.11-4.24.4.legacy.i386.rpm
[compton ~]$

>Any ideas ??!!

Yes - get a currently supported distribution so that you have less of a
need for "feel-good" applications. http://www.distrowatch.com/

Old guy