We're trying to set up MUVPN clients so that people can use thei
laptops both in the office and while they're at home. However, this ha
proved to be difficult.

We tried to set up policy configuration partially locked, so that user
could only edit their "My Identity" information in the client. When w
loaded the client and imported the security policy, they stopped bein
able to access the router. At all. They were firewalled completely ou
of the LAN. Their laptops couldn't even ping the router.

This behavior does *not* appear if you enter the client's informatio
instead of importing the profile. Even if they can't connect a VPN t
the network (because it's set up to access the Watchguard from th
outside), they can still access the router and even get online.

I've tried setting up two seperate accounts, one for a secure VP
inside the office... for all of 20 feet of the Ethernet... the othe
account for outside. That doesn't work either.

I can't find anything about this in Watchguard MUVPN Client Setu
documentation. Does anyone have any ideas?


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