Mr. Orwell opined.....

There are no more updates if you use win 9.xxxxxxx They were dropped
in july 06.

George Orwell wrote:
> For pete's sake, get Zone Alarm's freebie.
> I've been using it for the past 4-5 years. I keep it updated. It has
> never let anything bad into my machine.
> I have it set to block everything except the software I use and
> legitimate downloads. Don't allow even your legitimate software to act
> with server privileges.
> It's free. It's easy as hell to set up - just block everything in the
> beginning, allowing your legitimate software access as you use them for
> the first time after installing ZA.
> You'll go nuts listening to all the 'purists' and fools in here about
> how absolute, total protection is mandatory and everything else sucks.
> You ain't perfect and neither will be any of your software, including
> your firewall.
> Get off the pot and install the freebie ZA, and keep it updated. You
> can then listen to all these fools at your leisure as ZA protects you
> until you find that "perfect" firewall.