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> On Thu, 07 Dec 2006 16:47:45 GMT, Leythos wrote:
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> >> 0: backup, but not too often. You might overwrite a good backup with a
> >> bad one.

> >
> >LOL - it's best to ALWAYS assume a backup is BAD until you've verified
> >it, and it's always best to have more than one backup. That's a generic
> >rule of thumb.

> point is, that sometimes discover a system to be corrupt after some
> time, in which time you might have made (and overwritten) one or more
> backups. So you do not use only two CD/CDRW/tape, to make DAILY
> backups.
> But you knew that...
> Some people don't....

Your information is flawed - you suggest because people don't test their
backups, it's best if they don't backup "often". Serious error there
pal, if they get some backups working properly, then using your logic,
it would stand to reason that they backup more frequently so that there
is a higher chance their backup would be a good one.

Anyone that understands backup and importance should also be told that
an untested backup may be worthless. All of our clients test their
backups weekly.

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