I'm trying to manipulate my sidewinder firewall at the command line,
as it's inadvertantly locked the GUI console out due to a mis-ordered

I can login to the console, and using "cf pol q | less" located the
rule, then when trying to use "cf pol mod name="rulename"
disable=yes" the following message is printed on the console:

"A Ticket ID Must Be Specified".

Sidewinder support is clueless as to how to fx this, all the man cf
commands i've been able to locate are similarly clueless. The manuals
mention nothing about it... and i'm starting to get a bit irritated
with the device in general. Do any of you guys know how to put the
firewall into "ticket" mode or whatever it needs, without using a GUI?

*wanders off wondering how fast i can get a IP390 installed and if
anyone outside finance would notice"

Thanks in advance