Hi all -

Has anyone got any rules for stopping MSGTAG.com from sending unauthorized
read receipts - I have been looking all over the place since I received a
message with one earlier today. Basically it embeds a picture in the message
that confirms being read by virtue of being accessed. I tried blocking the
parent IP in my perimeter firewall but the image still renders, and the
website will as well. obviously blocking all html in messages would be
effective, but there's enough useful material coming in in that form that
makes the cure worse than the disease -- something I'm sure the makers of
this product count on. It's basically the same trick that spyware uses to
confirm email addresses. I find it to be a terrible invasion of my privacy ,
among other things.

I checked thier website and there's no information readily available about
blocking this there. I ran across a few references elsewhere that mention
3rd party products that will prevent this but no configuration information.
I only received one message so I don't have any log traffic to analyze but
it creeped me out enough that I don't really want any additional log traffic
to analyze anyway.

TIA -- Ken

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