Am Sat, 02 Aug 2008 08:20:43 -0700 schrieb damindra:

> I am searching for a firewall for my office, which has about 80 users.
> Can someone sugest what is best from Juniper SSG 20 and Checkpoint
> Safe@office 500G. I did a comparison and it is as below.
> Can I know what you all think about this.
> Thanks.

I recommend Juniper, after we bought some (2x ISG 1000 and 4 SSG 140).
We're totally satisfied, we run it high available with ospf via IPSec
(also for SSG20 available).The IPSec implementation is nice and clean, in
my opinion the best commercial Solution I ever saw (I had a OpenBSD Setup
before and later we dealt with sonicwall but that was the biggest crap
ever, and cisco was only able to send routing informations via GRE even
NAT Traversal was not possible)

It's just my opinion and my experience I made.