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This is a discussion on Blog On Network Security - Firewalls ; Dear All, I have created a blogsite based on Network Security, which will give you good info on Network Security things like how to protect your network from that ugly things or from hackers.You will also get info on upcoming ...

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  1. Blog On Network Security

    Dear All,

    I have created a blogsite based on Network Security, which will give
    you good info on Network Security things like how to protect your
    network from that ugly things or from hackers.You will also get info
    on upcoming or current threats in web world and how to cop with
    them,as well which are the best products available in market for
    Firewall/UTM or in Anti Virus, who can handle this attacks. Plus time
    by time you will get good handy tools, which will help you to protect
    your LAN/Network better. I have invested and investing lot of time to
    develop this blog site and trying to give all the things free of
    cost,I just need your true comments and time by time return on that

    I request you appriciate my work by just visiting the Blog.

  2. Re: Blog On Network Security

    In article <3f2b4e00-c74d-442f-bd68-0d7d5b697004>, says...
    > I have created a blogsite based on Network Security

    Since you're an unknown in the community you might want to participate
    here until people learn if you're another fake or not. You can always
    include a link in your sig, but you should, as a real security person,
    already know all of this.

    - Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum.
    - Calling an illegal alien an "undocumented worker" is like calling a
    drug dealer an "unlicensed pharmacist" (remove 999 for proper email address)

  3. Re: Blog On Network Security

    A partial return to the status quo ante bellum....

    "Cacophonies of the New American KILLERS..."

    Murderous thugs, Killers, prostituting themselves for decades....,
    dealing in Toxic waste, in Cocaine, in Heroine, in sex-slaves, and
    arms smuggling, murder , torture, hanging, killings by firing squads,
    theft, grand larceny, corruption, demagoguery, atrocities more than
    can be recounted in decades, etc. etc. , all these corrupt, vulgar,
    murderers have been recruited by various USA services....
    and have been sent "Out West".... and I know them one by one,
    and know exactly where they have been heading in droves.....& +
    Your attempts at recreating the Stalinist age of Geagea are Over....+

    Lebanese Americans for Justice

    The White House Receives Convicted War Criminal Samir Geagea ?
    Washington, D.C., 2008 -

    The George W. Bush Administration is set for an official meeting in 2008
    with a convicted Lebanese warlord, widely recognized for planning, ordering
    and committing war crimes that left permanent scars on the minds and bodies
    of thousands of Lebanese citizens. Mr. Samir Geagea was the leader of the
    "Lebanese Forces militia" during the Lebanese war that lasted from 1975 to
    1990. His bloody history against the people and the national army of Lebanon
    has shaped Lebanon's modern history, leaving behind thousands of widows,
    orphans, handicapped and displaced people, as well as destroyed public and
    private property. If for any reason Samir Geagea should be in the United
    States, it should be to stand trial for his war crimes against the families
    and friends of many Lebanese-Americans who either lived or witnessed the
    Lebanese war.

    As of 1994, Geagea was tried and convicted for four crimes - only a small
    portion of his long list of war crimes that we have listed below for your
    reference. He was convicted for:

    1. The assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister, Mr. Rachid Karami

    2. The assassination of a former leading figure in the Lebanese Forces
    militia, Elias Zayek

    3. The assassination of Christian leader Dany Chamoun with his wife and two
    young children (ages 5 and 7)

    4. The assassination attempt against Deputy Prime Minister/Minister of the
    Interior Michel Murr.

    [5. The cold blooded murder of Tony Frangieh, his wife and baby daughter and
    35 hapless Lebanese***]

    [6. Murder of Ghaith Khoury (head of the kataeb militia in Jbeil) and Emile
    Azzar (LF fighter)... And the assassination attempts of Fouad Abou Nader (LF
    commander) and ... Elie Hobeika.****]

    [7. Geagea also killed Brigadier General Khalil Kanaan (Army officer) and
    Rizkallah (Razouk) Atik (LF fighter), brother of Hanna Atik (Hanoun, chef of
    the former Saddem elite LF unit) and tried to kill Assaad (Asso) Shaftari
    ( Deputy to Mr. Elie Hobeika). These names are also very important.****]

    [8. He also hanged,killed, murdered, maimed, imprisoned, tortured, with
    instant expeditious "justice" made to measure for his opponents, whereby
    thousands of them where put in cement and dumped at sea.
    He is also responsible for extortion, kidnappings, drugs and guns trading
    in Lebanon and overseas, collecting forcibly undue taxes from every home and
    business in Lebanon's areas where his thuggish Militias reigned with direct
    CIA support for over 5 years, acting as a Proxy Militia for CIA, funded
    and paid for with US Tax payers Dollars... and More...

    But you need to know that Geagea did all this killings and attempts via
    Nader Sukkar (opposition MP of Baalbeck Hermel), Ghassan Touma (who lives in
    the US), Tony Obeid (who lives in Australia) and Raji Abdo, Naji N. Najjar,
    Walid Phares, Ziad Abdelnour, (who live in the US).****]

    Zayek was a Christian leader who posed a threat to Geagea's dreams of the
    militia leadership. Dany Chamoun, son of late Lebanese President Camille
    Chamoun, was one of the most active and independent Christian leaders during
    the Syrian invasion of 1990, and was also a threat to Geagea's ambition of
    being the sole Christian leader. In 1990, Geagea commenced his collaboration
    with the brutal Syrian regime at the expense of the Lebanese people.

    Although he was not convicted, Geagea was suspected of bombing the Maronite
    Catholic church of Saydet Najat in Jounieh, in which tens of worshipers were
    killed in 1994. The judges could not convict him "for insufficient evidence"
    as per the official verdict. Geagea was sentenced to death for his
    assassination crimes, and the sentence was later reduced to lifetime in

    Geagea only spent 11 years in jail, and was pardoned in a special bill
    passed by the Lebanese parliament on July 18, 2005. An interesting condition
    about this "special pardon" is that it not only included Geagea, but also
    included a score of Al Qaeda-inspired extremists who were captured after
    conducting terrorist attacks against the Lebanese army and civilians in
    2001. Geagea's release is perceived by many people as a cover up and
    distraction for the release of these Islamist extremists.

    A leader of a relatively insignificant political party, Geagea holds no
    public official or representative status. This criminal and insignificant
    party leader holds no official title or position in the Lebanese government
    to be received by the Bush Administration or the Republican Party.

    To grant a US entry visa to a convicted war criminal such as Samir Geagea,
    and to permit him to defile the land of the free is not only against US law,
    but is also an unacceptable deed, and a great insult to the American people
    and to the values inherent in the American Constitution (Please see note
    below from Department of Homeland Security). Criminals such as Geagea should
    not set foot on the soil of the United States, not to mention that of the
    White House or the Capitol Building. The eyes that enjoyed gazing coldly at
    the grief of hundreds of thousands of mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters,
    sons, daughters, grandfathers and grandmothers from all over the world,
    should never be allowed to look toward the home of the brave.

    We trust that the Congress and the Administration of the United States will
    take the proper measures to put an end to this ill-conceived visit.

    Lebanese Americans for Justice

    Warlord under siege after 'kidnap, torture and Murder by firing
    squad' of former Militia member Samir Zeinoun.

    There is no one as "colorful in crimes" and controversial among the
    warlords of Lebanon as fake Dr. Samir Geagea, a man with an
    immense criminal record and huge wealth, whose name became
    synonymous with bloodshed and betrayal during the long years
    of Lebanon's conflict.

    Samir Geagea, who once ruled a northern swath of the country with
    an iron fist, is now under siege, with an imminent arrest warrant
    against him, that would stripe him of his fake prestige, given to his
    proxy-CIA Militia, the remnants of the old LF.... by way if imminent
    hostilities against the Valiant Resistance of Hizbullah.

    A police attempt to arrest the warlord at his home in Me'raab's closed
    enclave of kesserwan, ended in a stand-off with his bodyguards, armed
    with rocket-propelled grenades. But police are powerless in this day and
    age of the "prostituted" government off Siniora's stooges.

    Geagea is accused of a range of crimes, including plotting to lead an
    insurrection and the murder of opponents in he Lebanese communities.

    * Geagea is accused of responsibility for the worst atrocity in the long war
    in Lebanon, when an estimated 1400 LF prisoners suffocated in containers
    on their way to being dumped at sea in 1986.

    * The remaining prisoners of Geagea noticed pieces of flesh on the ground
    during a visit to prison headquarters near his home. They asked a guard
    whether a goat had just been slaughtered for a meal, and was told that the
    remains were, in fact, those of a soldier who had been caught cursing
    Geagea had ordered him to be tied to the tracks of a tank, which then drove
    around the courtyard shredding the body to pieces.

    * Geagea also reportedly said: "I am dying of these accusations from the
    international community. 'What is happening in Oberli with these mass
    killing? Why are you so cruel?' ... If any one of my commanders commits
    these kinds of acts, I will kill him tomorrow."
    USA's Hegemonic Tendencies...:

    Criminal Mafia, headed by a Convicted war criminal Samir Geagea.... Re:
    Proxy Miltia for CIA/Mossad.

    and your ILK will have the same reserved Treatment.

    Assef Shawkat is an Israeli Bastardised Syrian since 1990, an assassin, a
    Murderer, and a PIMP.

    Legendary +Generous, noble,courageous, heroic, unparalleled,
    till the end of Time, Elie HOBEIKA . HK

    Elliott Abrams "handles" American inspired Assassinations in Lebanon, on
    behalf of the killers on the Potomac and Mossad.

    Nurturing, compassionate, generous, noble,courageous, heroic, unparalleled,
    Mr. Elie Hobeika.

    With tears in their eyes and flowers in their hands people paid tribute to
    their national hero. Sad at the loss, which can not be compensated yet pride
    was all over their faces,sacrificed their son of the soil. His was a death
    for a noble cause of dying for one's own country. Such men are not born
    everyday, they belong to the rare class of humanity, who are an example in
    themselves, and they are the ones who set precedents. And they themselves
    are unprecedented...

    Since January 24th 2002, I have only awakened to a nightmare--the nightmare
    of life without you Elie, and this I cannot bear. The memories showing your
    pictures non stop... in my mind; you are so alive and tangible that I can
    almost touch you, but it is only "almost" because already I cannot.

    Elie Hobeika, you were the pillar of fire before the camp and now we are
    left as only the camp, alone, in the dark, and it is so cold and sad for us
    all. I know we are talking in terms of a national tragedy, but how can you
    try to comfort an entire people or include them in your personal pain, when
    many do not stop crying, and we are mute, feeling the enormous void that is
    left only by your absence?

    Few truly knew you. They can still talk a lot about you, but I feel that
    they know nothing about the depth of the pain, the disaster and, yes, this
    terrible void, for us, the family and the friends, who are left only as the
    camp, without you, our pillar of fire.

    Elie, you were, and still are, our hero. I want you know that in all I have
    ever done, I have always seen you before my eyes. Your esteem and love
    accompanied us in every step and on every path, and we lived in the light of
    your values. You never abandoned us, and now "they" have abandoned you, my
    eternal hero--cold and lonely--and I can do nothing to save you, you who are
    so wonderful.

    People greater than I have already eulogized you, but none of them was
    fortunate like myself [to feel] the caress of your warm, soft hands and the
    warm embrace that was just for us, or your smiles which will always say so
    much, the same smile that is no more, and froze with you. I have no feelings
    of revenge because my pain and loss are so big, too big. The ground has
    slipped away from under our feet, and we are trying, somehow, to sit in this
    empty space that has been left behind, in the meantime, without any
    particular success. I am incapable of finishing, but it appears that a
    strange Cabal..., a miserable person, has already finished for me. Having no
    choice, I part from you, a hero, and ask that you rest in peace, that you
    think about us and miss us, because we here, down below, love you so much...
    our only consolation is our complete faith in our God's special place for
    you, up there with him for ever, and that he will know how to take care of
    the "assassins" in time...

    To the angels of heaven that are accompanying you now, I ask that they watch
    over you, that they guard you well, because you deserve such a guard. We
    will love you Elie Hobeika, always.

    The secret of selling yourself is to have a product you truly believe in.
    Elie Hobeika is the perfect embodiment of these words. He is a kind,
    nurturing, compassionate, generous, noble,courageous, heroic, unparalleled,
    unmatched, dependable, supportive, humorous, intelligent, clever, sometimes
    hilarious, talented, amazing, entertaining, proud, disciplined, profoundly
    interesting man. He gave me my deeply appreciated "knowledge...," and along
    with tons of documents and more... . The world was my oyster as we travelled
    from town to town, city to city, country to country, with the greatest man
    ever, Elie Hobeika.

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