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YANGON, Myanmar (ACRN) – In the wake of Cyclone
Nargis, there are some reporters that are reporting from
Myanmar, in secret, and using modern technology that makes
their activities undetectable by the ruling Military Junta
in Myanmar.
Some tech-saavy reporters are using VPN connections
to make their reporting activities undetectable by the
ruling military junta in Myanmar, and that is what we are
doing to file this report. I am using a VPN link back to the
servers, which allows me to report without detected by the
military junta
The reason that the military junta in Myanmar
cannot detect the activities of reporters that are using
VPN connections is the fact that it uses secure 128-bit
encryption that makes is impossible for anyone tapping the
lines to listen in on what is going on. As long as a
reporter does not identify who they are (unlike the CNN
reporter who did), and uses a VPN connection, Myanmar’s
military rulers will never know what is going on.
Professional versions of Windows XP and later,
allow anyone with a broadband connection, with multiple IP
addresses, to set up a VPN connection on their home computer.
Then, from Myanmar, they can VPN into their home computers,
and then connect from their to their newspaper, TV station,
radio station, or whomever they are reporting for, and
their activities will be undetectable.
Myanmar is one of the most restrictive countries,
as far as Internet access goes. Using the VPN connection
to our servers also allows be to bypass their filtering of
all outside mail services, allowing me to check my E-mail,
even though the Myanmar authorities block mail services,
both free and paid, such as Ananzi, Hotmail, 1&1, etc, etc,
and the encryption makes it impossible for the military
rulers of Myanmar to know that I am accessing an Email
site that is banned in Myanmar.