On Wed, Apr 30, 2008 at 11:01 AM, Mike Davis wrote:
> This is my first posting so be gentle ;-)

No problem. Seems like every couple years somebody asks this very
question. I can't say that there's been much consensus around the
answers, either.

> Does anyone know of or can recommend any freeware or low-cost-ware
> application that will allow me to monitor and make global config changes
> without having to SSH to each one? The ability to segregate into groups and
> manage based upon groups would certainly be a plus as well but not a
> requirement.

I know of a commercial product on its way to market that may
(eventually?) do this. But that's no help to you. So I'm sort of a
jerk for mentioning it.

You might try Net-Sense Automater [sic]. http://www.net-sense.com/

It's not free, but I believe there's still a trial download and it's a
whole lot cheaper than CSM. A whole lot less robust, also.

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