May 17-18, 2008
Pasadena Hilton, Pasadena, CA

We are now just weeks away from this years LayerOne event and we
wanted to share some of the great things we have going on with you.

Our speaker line-up is complete and frankly, pretty darn good if you
ask us. This years speakers run the gamut. We have talks on electronic
discovery, GSM hacking, two forensics talks, a malware prevention
talk, and a PCI overview amongst others. Our speakers are ranging from
industry specialists and notable underground figures to folks doing
pure research in the security space.

We've also decided to add contests to the mix this year as well.
Deviant Ollam of Defcon fame will be bringing the Lock Picking Village
out to our show along with his newly created Gringo Warrior, a game
that tests your lock picking skills in a 'real world' scenario. We
also have AKL, Nous, and Nkryptr bringing the Phreaking Challenge out
to the show. More information on the contests can be found on our
website (

Finally, we want everyone to know that we will be closing
pre-registration on May 9th. Till then, pre-registration is available
online and the cost is 80 dollars. After we close pre-registration,
tickets will not be available again till the day of the show, at which
point they will be 100 dollars at the door.

Your ticket gets you into both days of the show, as well as our
Saturday night reception.

We want to thank the community for all of its support over the years
and we look forward to seeing you in Pasadena in just a few weeks!

-The LayerOne Staff
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