Thanks Chris,
Yes, that's what I was thinking.=A0 Should work, probably works, some pain =
expected.=A0 Hope someone set this up before.

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No experience with these in particular. VPN's are no all created equal, but=
operate on the same principle. Since you have two diff boxes, then make su=
re you created the exact same Phase1 (IKE) Isakmp, blah, blah and Phase 2 S=
A IPSEC blah, blah (the blah, blah is for the particular devices lingo, heh=
e). and make sure that your timeouts and encryption domains (i.e. allowed n=
etworks/hosts) on each side are the same and you will be VPN =A0happy.

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Chris Myers

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On Apr 21, 2008, at 10:27 AM, Bill Stout wrote:

Has experience out there in creating an IPSEC VPN between a SCC Sidewinder =
and a Nortel VPN appliance?
Anyone know if=A0they are=A0compatible?
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