shadow floating a =E9crit :
> Hi guys,
> my company is having 2 leased lines internet connections and they were
> about to buy two routers to make them standby to each other, each with
> one of the internet connections, as they were discussing with some
> network consultant...he convinced them to reduce cost and put 2 wics
> in one router only each connected to the each internet connection
> instead of buying 2 that appropriate??
> =

that means if the router is faulty, there is no access anymore.
if you have a spare available, that can work, but it depends how much =

will cost for your company
an interruption of internet access (no mail, no corp web if hosted =

locally, etc) for the time you put the spare in place.

IMHO the type of architecture and redundancy for internet access depends =

on the cost of the interruption
and the delay that is allowed per year (1 hour, 1 day)

hope this'll help
> thanks alot
> Nad

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