Hi George,

I can't agree more, those jewels are priceless.

That's also why I'm still subscribing to this list. And it's always good to read
the grey-beards when morale is low.

When people will understand that they need a risk assessment to build a security
policy which will drive the settings rules of FW, routers, operating system and
so on; IT Security will be back on track to a brighter future.


> From: George Capehart
> Sent: Saturday, March 29, 2008 12:45 AM
> JDG,
> You may be right, but I stay subscribed because the signal-to-
> noise ratio on this list is still much better than on any of
> the other lists
> to which I subscribe (and there are too many). And I think
> that there
> are more who are interested in the evolution and philosophy of
> IT security than you might believe. There is still a core of
> grey-beards
> who are subscribed and, maybe lurk, most of the time, but
> when important
> things need to be said, they contribute. And even though the
> name of this list is "Firewall Wizards," I have read more good,
> valuable, useful
> "general security talk" on this list than any of the others. I
> /*completely*/ understand about being a "faithful believer, but
> exhausted fighter," and have, myself begun to be really
> selective about
> the battles I choose to fight, but, even if I decide to give
> up the good
> fight, I'll still stay subscribed to this list, just to be
> able to read the jewels when they appear . . .
> Cheers,
> /g

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