jdgorin@computer.org wrote:

> That reminds me of the creation of FW-Wiz from FW in the good old days. That was
> to keep basic traffic (HowTo and technical questions) to FW, and give a field
> for more thinking about evolution and philosophy of IT security.
> It seems that we have closed the loop, and there is (almost) no people anymore
> interested in evolution and philosophy of IT securit :-(


You may be right, but I stay subscribed because the signal-to-noise
ratio on this list is still much better than on any of the other lists
to which I subscribe (and there are too many). And I think that there
are more who are interested in the evolution and philosophy of IT
security than you might believe. There is still a core of grey-beards
who are subscribed and, maybe lurk, most of the time, but when important
things need to be said, they contribute. And even though the name of
this list is "Firewall Wizards," I have read more good, valuable, useful
"general security talk" on this list than any of the others. I
/*completely*/ understand about being a "faithful believer, but
exhausted fighter," and have, myself begun to be really selective about
the battles I choose to fight, but, even if I decide to give up the good
fight, I'll still stay subscribed to this list, just to be able to read
the jewels when they appear . . .



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