> From: Paul Melson
> Sent: Thursday, March 27, 2008 8:31 PM
> From: MJR
> > None of this should be taken (please) as an attack on you.
> > It's frustration because the ideas you're expressing are
> > bad ideas that many of us have fought a long rearguard
> > action against, knowing we'd fail from the beginning.

> You mean *epic* fail from the beginning. :-)

Not so much a failure, some people understood that you were right (and still are
right). But the other sort is overwhelming.

Keep Faith! After the End of Days to come, the believers will survive! ;-)

That reminds me of the creation of FW-Wiz from FW in the good old days. That was
to keep basic traffic (HowTo and technical questions) to FW, and give a field
for more thinking about evolution and philosophy of IT security.

It seems that we have closed the loop, and there is (almost) no people anymore
interested in evolution and philosophy of IT securit :-(

JDG (an old days lurker and faithful believer, but exhausted figther).
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