Paul D. Robertson wrote:
>Your unesteemed moderator is getting an ever-increasing amount of
>traffic dealing with subscription management. I'll gladly assist folks
>who've gone through the appropriate motions of trying to solve their
>issues themselves *before* they mail me or (worse) the list directly.

Perhaps it's time to bring back the "unsubscribe me" mailing list.

Back when I worked at DEC a certain evil person set up a mailing
list called the "unsubscribe" mailing list. Anytime someone sent
an "unsubscribe" message to a mailing list he was on, he would
subscribe them to the "unsubscribe" mailing list. New members
would get an initial mailing explaining how to unsubscribe, and every
message contained "how to unsubscribe" instructions. Of course,
none of the peope on the unsubscribe mailing list ever read the
directions (which is how they got there in the first place...) so the
list was a constant torrent of "HEY WHO SUBSCRIBED ME!?
TAKE ME OFF THIS LIST NOW!" sent to all the other victims.
Etc. Often, reading the list archives was laugh-out-loud funny.
Nowadays, of course, such a list would not be any fun because
its members would simply stay subscribed forever and let their
spam filters mask out the 10,000 "HEY! GET ME OFF THIS LIST!"


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