Your unesteemed moderator is getting an ever-increasing amount of
traffic dealing with subscription management. I'll gladly assist folks
who've gone through the appropriate motions of trying to solve their
issues themselves *before* they mail me or (worse) the list directly.
When emailing me, it helps to have told me what you've already tried
(hint: "nothing" puts your message into a deep email inspection
firewall, clogging the inbound message queue with moderator requests
just increases the liklihood the moderator is going to be unhappy,
taking you off my holiday card list until you buy a photo print from me.)

Mailman, the mailing list software places links in the header (and I
think footer) of every message with pointers on how to subscribe and
unsubscribe- and if you go to the appropriate Web page, you can figure
out all the other stuff too.

We now return you to our regularly biannual "Aren't those darned
firewally things obsolete anyway?" discussion.

Thanks for your attention,

President and Chairman, FluidIT Group
Moderator, Firewall-Wizards. Editor, Network Firewall FAQ
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