More specifically - you're inbound NAT already encompasses port 80; the
new one is a one-for-one NAT instead of more-specific ports.

The added static must be:

static (inside,outside) tcp x.x.x.x VoIP-port1 VoIP-port1
netmask 0 0
static (inside,outside) tcp x.x.x.x VoIP-port2 VoIP-port2
netmask 0 0
static (inside,outside) tcp x.x.x.x VoIP-port3 VoIP-port3
netmask 0 0

You can cheat/easily manage this better by creating an object-group; you
can create one for protocols, networks, or services (IP ports).

If you create an "object-group service" and specify your VoIP ports (TCP
or UDP), your static could be one line instead of 62:

static (inside,outside) tcp x.x.x.x object-group VoIP-Group
VoIP-Group netmask 0 0

This makes management easier since you don't have to input 62 lines of
static configurations with the equivalent inbound ACL changes as well
(you can use object-groups as part of any configuration task).


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you already have a translation. Do a "sh nat" and see where the
conflict is and then remove or modify the translations.

On Jan 23, 2008 1:50 PM, Chris Smith wrote:
> Best regards firewall list readers!
> We have a Cisco pix 506E running software version 6.3 (5)
> We also have a VOIP server on the internal network at We

need to NAT a range of TCP ports to this VOIP server. The port range is
49152 through 49214.
> The connections come in from the internet and need to be natted

through the pix to this internal VOIP server.
> We believe we already have the access list rules in place to allow the

connections. We just need a translation rule to allow this group of
> The IP address of the internal interface on the pix is
> The command that is not working is:
> static (inside,outside) x.x.x.x
> We are currently getting this error when trying to setup the rule.
> WARNING: mapped-address conflict with existing static
> tcp from inside:server/80 to outside:x.x.x.x/80 netmask
> 55
> WARNING: mapped-address conflict with existing static
> tcp from inside:server/25 to outside:x.x.x.x/25 netmask
> 55
> WARNING: mapped-address conflict with existing static
> tcp from inside:server/110 to outside:x.x.x.x/110 netmask

> .255
> Any insight is appreciated.
> Thanks to all.
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