On Tue, 22 Jan 2008, Ian Rarity wrote:

> Actually getting all the various versions of various browsers on our
> network to use it as their proxy server is proving problematic; each
> version of IE seems to store the proxy URL in a different registry key.

You can set the proxy address in a Group Policy Object, apply the GPO to
all the users and you're done.

> Also, thanks to our IT policy (or lack thereof), there's not much we can
> do to prevent users simply removing the proxy setting in their browsers
> and looking at whatever sites they please.

Sure you can- first of all, deny HTTP and HTTPS access at the firewall for
anything that's not the proxy, and second of all, don't allow the users to
override the GPO. The first will catch the non-Windows users, the second
will lock down the rest.

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