> I notice that Nir Zuk is a primary source for this article, as well.
> It sounds like some P.R. agency has done a good job pimping* a certain

start-up that is getting > ready to "ramp"** a product. I have no idea if
the product is any good or not but using a
> network processor to do layer-7 stuff is not exactly rocket science!

I don't mean to pick on Dark Reading or suggest that they have cornered the
market on interviewing shills, but any time you publish company press
releases as 'news'[1] you're under suspicion in my book. (To be clear, I'm
calling Mr. Zuk a shill.)

Additionally, if you have this problem:

Then the user mistakenly checks a box that allows eMule to share its hard
drive. "That's very easy to do. Some eMule clients have that as a default,"
he says. "Now your user's entire computer has opened up your network to
share with the Internet. Anyone can execute a search and find files on your

Buying a new firewall will not save you. Taking away local admin rights
from your users, however, is a good start. And there's nothing to buy.


[1] http://www.darkreading.com/section.asp?section_id=297

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