George Capehart wrote:
>Some light reading for the weekend . . . Thought it'd stir the pot a
>bit more for the "Firewalls that generate new packets . . ." thread. ;>

George, since when does "stirring the pot" consist of kicking a tiger
in the b*lls?? Because that was my immediate reaction on reading
that article!!! I started prowling my cage looking for something to

"Next Generation firewalls"? Gosh, oh, golly - it sounds like what
they're calling "Next Generation firewalls" are kinda sorta like
"what firewalls were supposed to do all along."

I notice that Nir Zuk is a primary source for this article, as well.
It sounds like some P.R. agency has done a good job pimping*
a certain start-up that is getting ready to "ramp"** a product.
I have no idea if the product is any good or not but using a
network processor to do layer-7 stuff is not exactly rocket

I think Kelly Higgins is interviewing me next week. I'll make sure to
drag this article up as a topic.

* not a marketing buzz word
** a token marketing buzzword

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