Darren Reed wrote:
>Marcus, don't you find it funny that people are coming up
>with new terms to describe technology that is even more
>lame than what has been available via open source for more
>than 10 years now?

I don't find it FUNNY at all. I find it:
"unilateral deep stateful limp induction"
or, in other words:

>I mean, would you buy a firewall that did stateful filtering, proxying
>or deep packet inspection? I mean, what sounds sexier?

You've got a really good point there. If I were going to write
another firewall, I think I'd call it a:
"male member enhancing massive state packet pumper"
I'd have tennis elbow from cashing all the checks.

The reason that I show frustration about this is because, while
I know that most people are intellectually lazy and fall for
marketing, I expected better from the security community.
My bad.


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