Paul D. Robertson wrote:

>On Tue, 27 Nov 2007, Paul Melson wrote:
>>in both directions. State tables allow your firewall to have a deny-all
>>default inbound policy and an allow-all default outbound policy. They allow

>With today's proliferation of Trojans and Spyware, anyone with a
>Windows user population above three who has an allow-all default outbound
>policy is an idiot and populations of one to three are likely candidates
>for the club if not associate members.

To give you an idea of how bad this problem is, I recently did a
fresh install of Microsoft Windows XP + Service pack 2 (I hadn't
caught up with all of the patches yet) and experimented with
surfing the Internet like a normal user - default security settings
for Internet Exploder.

Half a dozen web sites later - no more - and spyware had installed
itself into winlogin. Removal? Safest bet will be a format. How did
it get there? I suspect some popup ad with nasty javascript/activex.

Now what percentage of the Internet population does this represent?

Port 80/443 restrictions mean nothing.


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