I've been working with Watchguards at my current employer for quite a
while, but we're looking to replace them.

We've received a recommendation from one firm for Sidewinders (a 410
and a couple of 110s for the branch offices).

We've received a recommendation against the Sidewinders from another
firm saying that they are too complex to manage easily, and require
extensive training to understand - they recommend Checkpoint instead.

Neither seems to be completely out of our price range, so it would
seem to come down to concerns regarding initial implementation and
ongoing management.

Are the Sidewinders that much more complex than Checkpoints?

Is one "better" (for whatever that might mean to you) than the other -
that is, if you have experience with both, which would you prefer, and

I, of course, am excited to be learning a new platform, and want to
move away from some of the quirkiness of the ancient Fireboxes we
have, but want to make a reasonable recommendation to management.


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