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> http://www.assban.com/newip.php
> http://www.afastway.com
> http://www.btwproxy.com
> http://www.aplusproxy.com

And expect these sites to be maxed out on "Cyber Monday", the biggest
online shopping day of the year, when a lot of poeple will be logging on
to shopping sites from work. For the E-tailers out there, you will be
providing them a valuable service, which will let people do their
online Christmas shopping from work, without corporate network
admins knowing what is happening.

I just got a taste of what next Monday might bring. Since I run a public
anonymity proxy, I just saw an upsurge in connections to my proxy
just a few minutes ago, from corporate addresses in the Eastern
United States, most likely people wanting to get a jump on their
Christmas shopping, before they take off for the Thanksgiving
holiday weekend. The load was enough to break the anonymity
proxy server, and I had to have my server re-boot. There are
people Right now, as I write this, I have 368 connections accessing
shopping sites through my proxy, and 99.9 perecent of them
coming from corporate addresses on the East Coast of the
United States. While I have more than enough bandwidth to
handle it, Windows starts to become unstable, and I have
already had to reboot my server once already. Their employers
will know they made a conneciton to my proxy, but will
never know that they visited shopping sites and did online
shopping from work.