"Tim Shea" wrote:
> Its our job to
> figure out ways to deliver without giving up the store.

Sometimes the request would be equivalent to asking how to swim without
getting wet. This would appear to be one of them.

> What did you do? You insulted him and his company based
> on little or no information in a public forum.

I'm not sure what he wrote. My mail client is kind of old and lame,
and what with lack of proper quoting or attribution, well...

Geeks tend to tell it as they see it, with little thought to social
niceties. It's why we don't make good PR people--even for ourselves.
It's the nature of the beast. If you want nice, I would suggest
hanging-out with a den of geeks is not the place for you.

> This industry is screwed
> up enough without insulting colleagues who are trying to do the right
> thing.

I hardly think a bit of back-and-forth, no matter how blunt, is going
to contribute significantly to the IT industrie's screwed-up-ness.

In fact: A bit more straight talk, and a few more IT professionals that
aren't willing to sell their souls for a dollar, might just result in a
less screwed-up industry.

> That's the last I'll say about this.

Fine. All your outrage aside: It doesn't change the fact that poking
holes though a firewall until it looks like Swiss cheese, to support
Ghod-knows-what traffic going between something out on the 'net and
(presumably) exploit-prone clients on your allegedly secure LAN is
unwise--not to put too fine a point on it. To do so to support some
variant of what boils down to social networking and business gaming is
down-right irresponsible, IMO.

I, for one, hope the insurance company in question is not one with
which I'm insured, not the one in which I hold stock, and not one in
which my 401k is invested. If I found it was any of those, it would
quickly become *not* one of those.

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