At the risk of extending this OT conversation past its useful life I'll
respond. I reread your e-mail and mine. Besides the fact that I didn't
spell some words right or put them in their proper order I stand by it.

You may roll your eyes at 2nd life, you may think 2nd life is a den of
evil-doers that kick puppies, or you may think its an over hyped social
community with an unsustainable business model that will eventually
collapse under its own weight (that's my present thinking) - but you
cannot deny companies have a legitimate business interest in exploring
ways to sell themselves within online social communities (no matter how
lame). And these types of requests are to be expected. Its our job to
figure out ways to deliver without giving up the store.

So this gentlemen asked a legitimate question. Paul's answer, as always,
was a good one. What did you do? You insulted him and his company based
on little or no information in a public forum. This industry is screwed
up enough without insulting colleagues who are trying to do the right

That's the last I'll say about this.

> On Nov 9, 2007 8:44 AM, Timothy Shea wrote:
>> So please spare us your moral outrage.
>> t.s

> Moral outrage?
> I'm not sure what you read, or where, but it certainly wasn't the e-mail
> you
> quoted.
> He works for an insurance company. My insurance company has more info on
> me
> than my wife. I don't want that information given up to some script
> kiddie!
> I won't comment on your former employers - I keep my moral interests and
> concerns to myself...
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