On Fri, 2 Nov 2007 21:04:13 -1000, Kimo

>You should've called me up, I live just down the road from Ke'e Beach!!!

Kimo, this may sound funny to people from the mainland. But, to we
who are on Kauai, going from the south shore to the north shore, is
like going from New York to California, unless it is work involved. In
the past three years I have only been to the north shore once. I used
to like camping out at Poli Hale, before the 2001 incident where
Eamonn Carolan and Orion Macomber did their gay hate crime. Thankfully
no one was hurt. Unlike many other gay hate crimes that I read about
on the mainland, where the perpetrators walk, these guys spent a few
years in prison. Kauai will not tolerate actions like theirs.
Anyway, although Poli Hale is an extraordinary place, and the camp
sites are fully equipped with a bathroom, a grill, and a shower, for
each site, and the sites are so far from each other that it is like
having your own private beach, again, it is the drive that kept me
from going. Mainlanders, please do not laugh. The drive is only
about a 45 minutes.