No, I have the Security+ license. I was just confused as to the way that the ASA treats internal traffic.

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1. Re: DMZ to INSIDE Communication (Anthony)
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So you weren't running into the issue of the base license not allowing
DMZ initiated traffic to the inside network?

"With the Base platform, communication between the DMZ VLAN and the
Inside VLAN is restricted: the Inside VLAN is permitted to send traffic
to the DMZ VLAN, but the DMZ VLAN is not permitted to send traffic to
the Inside VLAN."


chris mr wrote:
> Thanks for your help...
> I had to add another static into the ASA and ACL on DMZ in.
> = 12.x.x.x
> EXCHANGE1 = natted ip of Exchange on inside
> static (inside,DMZ) tcp 12.x.x.x smtp EXCHANGE1 smtp netmask
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Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2007 14:29:45 -0500
From: "Christopher J. Wargaski"
Subject: [fw-wiz] Ramifications from increasing IPsec SA or rekey
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I am investigating what the ramifications are for increasing the SA
life or rekey time on an IPsec VPN. Certainly the longer the same SA
stays around, the longer the Wiley Wacker has to break my key.

Does anyone know of some documents suggesting vulnerabilities from
or ramifications of increasing the SA lifetime or rekey time?


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