I've just installed a new MS Exchange server (we normally run Linux email
servers, so its all new to me), any how when I try to add my account on the
Exchange server to Outlook on my desktop the firewall drops it, it appears
to think its an attack.

Does any one have any idea?

Thanks in advance,


Number: 202646
Date: 17Mar2005
Time: 15:03:00
Product: SmartDefense
Attack Name: Dynamic Ports
Interface: eth3
Origin: my_firewall (public_ip)
Type: Log
Action: Drop
Service: 135
Source: my_desktop (priv_ip_subnet1)
Destination: my_exchange_server (priv_ip_subnet2)
Protocol: tcp
Source Port: 8432
Information: reason: tried to open a known service port,
protocol: tcp
port_svc: Remote_Storm