I'm new to checkpoint. I configured Windows 2000 Server(machine A) as a
router, machine B using A as the gateway, all was ok.
Then I installed CheckPoint to machine A, setup and installed rlue to
enable all services from machine B.
Now I have the problem, I can visit external website from machine A, I
can "ping" "tracert" external host from machine B, but I can't visit
webpage using browser on machine B, no response come back. In
CheckPoint Smartview Tracker, it shows
accept http connection from B to external host, another log shows drop
http connecion from B to external host, information "TCP packet out of
state: First packet isn't SYN tcp_flags: FIN-ACK". If I turn off "Drop
out of state TCP packets" in global properties, the second log message
will no appear, but I still can't use machine B to visit external
One interesting thing: if from B, I use "telnet hostname 80" , and "GET
....", most time there is no response, some time I can get the http
response and the html source.
Anybody can help me? Thank you very much!