I'm running a failover solution - ClusterXL running in HA - new mode.

On the secondary module the MGMT Station is seeng the device as down
because the fwd deamon is down. On Smartview status the Firewall-1 is
up but the ClusterXL and the SVN foundation are down - reason fwd id
stopped. (When doing a ps -aux there is no fwd)

When I do an fwstart on the secondary box I get:

sic name for is null
Local Policy is Up-To-Date.
The Policy was not installed because it is the same as the Policy
already on the Module.
FireWall-1 started

---------------------------- is the sync interface of the primary FW.

Sic is working fine from the MGMT station to the FW modules as the
rulbase installs just fine.

Would there be a SIC problem between the 2 firewall modules?

cphastop/start doesn't resolve the problem.

I'm still getting:
cphaprob state

Cluster Mode: New High Availability (Active Up)

Number Unique Address Assigned Load State

1 100% active
2 (local) 0% down