Robert M. Hrehor, MBA wrote:
> Hi everyone, I have the above referenced firewall for sale at cost.
> I am a SONICWALL Dealer in Atlanta, Georgia and purchased this
> firewall for a client in conjunction with a 3Com IP phone system.
> This firewall was too advanced for what their needs were and was also
> creating some internal confusion with their IT engineer so we swapped
> it out for a smaller, less complicated 3Com brand firewall.
> Ironically enough, the 3Com firewall that we replaced this SONICWALL
> 4060 with was almost an exact copy of a smaller discontinued
> SONICWALL . 3Com must have purchased the rights to use it after
> SONICWALL discontinued it. Please feel free to go to SONICWALL's
> website with the following link to find out more information about
> this firewall.
> SONICWALL Pro 4060
> MSRP: $4,999.00
> Selling: $3,200.00
> Shipping $45 in Continential US.
> Please call with any questions you might have to our office,
> 770-921-4900.
> Sincerely,
> Robert M. Hrehor, MBA
> Corporate Technologies, Inc.
> 4572 Lawrenceville Highway, Suite 201
> Lilburn, GA 30047

Try ebay - a lot of people won't welcome this post in the newsgroups.