my company use checkpoint NG FP3 AI (secure platform)
i use firewall in my WAN ; my firewall runnig the routing daemon , i
use the routed in my firewall , if use one machin not install the
cluster work is very nice (routing forwarding to route),but i runnig
the cluster in my firewall routing can not forwarding to route, my
smarttrackview tell me the rip local interface address spoofing ,i
test use the cpstop ,the firewall to be the route ,is routing
forwarding to the route work is very nice , but i starting firewall
the routing not forwarding to route , i sure my cluster configration
is right , i test edit my firewall management edit object_5_0.C
disable all spoff item , but is not effect , i modify the rip is true
and all spoof is false, and gui i not configuration anti-spoof and
smartdefence not configration
everybody can tell me how to do resolve

my e-mail is

thanks to everybody

my english is pool