Date: Tue, 2 Mar 2004 14:30:53 -0500
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Hello all,

We have a checkpoint firewall-1 v4.1 firewall installed at our office
and have a consultant who is trying to access his own company's Exchange
server via their OWA connection. He authenticates fine through our
firewall and can browse the web but he cannot successfully login to his
OWA session. The login box for his exchange server comes up but after he
types his username and password it keeps asking again for the same
username and password and he never connects. I put him on a isolated DSL
connection and he can login fine to his owa by bypassing our firewall.
Now we have our own Exchange 2000 server installed here and I am able to
connect to our OWA sessions via ssl from the internet just fine so I
know the firewall is passing the required ports internally. So the
bottom line is any internal computers passing through our firewall
cannot login to his OWA session. Any thoughts?